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I have had the privilege of being born and raised in Guyana, and have resided for numerous years in Britain and several states in the United States, especially Queens, New York, the most culturally diverse community in the world. I can honestly say that I was raised on organic foods in Guyana.  Freshly picked fruits, vegetables, and free range eggs from our chicken coops, home grown vegetables and  herbs, fresh milk, and fresh ocean seafood on a daily basis.

Over 30 years ago, there was a huge anti-GMO movement in the UK and Europe. Researchers are clear about the harmful effects of pesticides, hormones, preservatives, artificial color and additives in our foods, especially to children. I’ve decided to bring back pure flavors that we yearn for, and to reinforce the forward drive for more organically produced foods especially here in the USA.

All cultures gravitate around dessert, cakes, and sweets. Cakes are the center of gatherings and holidays. It would be unrealistic to deprive oneself of these rituals of celebration without cake! To see happy smiles and joy of all ages is to be fulfilled, and I hope to do so for you! That’s my promise to each individual.

Thank you to all who has visited and tried our excellent cakes and pastries. We have been extremely well received and welcomed since our bakery opened, by all cultures, and we look forward to build lasting relationships.


Thank you for your patronage,



Special Thanks


My logo design of a rose is dedicated to my beloved Mother. Ramdei, my rose, in loving memory. She had encouraged me to fulfill my dreams, and she was my first, and ultimately my greatest teacher in the world, along with my father, Bidya Gopaul Chand. I hope to make them proud. My logo was designed by my daughter Jade, accredited graphic artist, and student at School of Visual Arts. Thank you Jade!

My entire bakery was overhauled and through sweat, hard work, and endless days and nights, was converted to my beautiful dream world by my loving husband Bernard. Words can never convey my deepest gratitude. A true labor of love, thank you!

Thank you to my son Christian, my champion, food critic and taste tester, whose opinions I take very seriously! Worldly palate!

Thank you to my two sisters, Maureen and family, Manila, my brother, Max Chand, who contributed his expertise as a fine interior decorator, all my true friends, and Chad, Aruna , and Junior, whose faith in me has helped me achieve my dreams.


“I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.” - Elsie de Wolfe

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Thank You.

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